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To be recognized as the leading service provider in the building environment to all levels of government, community and industry worldwide.


To deliver quality services to meet the challenges of governance at all levels while enhancing public safety, economic development, and the general welfare of the community.

IBTS strives to:

  • Increase awareness of building technology and safety among members of government, industry and business, as well as consumers.
  • Increase the availability of safe, durable, affordable residential and commercial structures.
  • Provide a better understanding of, and uniformity in, the application of government regulations.
  • Create better relations with industry by providing unbiased, expert technical services in a reliable and cooperative manner.
  • Improve coordination among government, industry and research organizations, and facilitate open discussions and meetings.
  • Reduce the cost and risk for program participants and consumers while complying with regulations and improving our products and services.
  • Use the latest computer technology to collect data, improve efficiency and promote accountability in all areas.

IBTS offers these services through contracts and grants from Federal, state, and local governments, in addition to subcontracts and teaming agreements with other organizations and corporations.

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