Webinar: Florida Housing Coalition Hurricane Member Update

Innovative Procurement Methods

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IBTS Economic Development and Disaster Recovery (EDDR) subject matter experts provided a webinar on innovative CDBG-DR procurement options as part of the Florida Housing Coalition’s July 2018 Hurricane Member Update webinar. The IBTS portion of the webinar focused on using bid books in procurement, a practice frequently used by IBTS when administering CDBG-DR programs.

Bid books establish a unit cost for each construction line item needed for a home rehab or reconstruction project, for a specific region at a specific time — from carpet and tile, to roofing, drywall, framing, and all other potential materials needed for the project. Bid books take the guess work out of market conditions at the time of construction, allowing for faster procurement that gets contractors on site quicker and residents back into their homes in less time.

The webinar focuses on the time- and cost-saving impacts of bid books, how to develop a bid book, and the benefits they can have for communities. The webinar also includes updates specific to Florida communities impacted by Hurricane Irma.

*The IBTS portion of the webinar begins at 9:00 minutes. 

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