Deadline Approaching for FEMA Disaster Mitigation Funding Opportunities

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Deadline Approaching for FEMA Disaster Mitigation Funding Opportunities

The deadline for local governments to submit subapplications to their state for FEMA’s Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) programs is quickly approaching. With a combined more than $395 million available, the programs provide local governments with an important opportunity to jumpstart or maintain disaster mitigation planning and project activities that can significantly reduce disaster-induced damages, costs, and the recovery timeline.

Subapplication deadlines vary by state, however the program deadline for states to submit applications to FEMA is January 29, 2019. Local governments should check with their state emergency management or floodplain office to find their individual subapplication deadline and to learn more about their state’s application submittal and review process.

The FMA grant program offers a total of $70 million for community flood mitigation proposals, and an estimated $90 million for other FMA priorities. Learn more about eligible activities and 2018 program priorities here.

A total of $235 million is available for states, US territories, and Native American tribes under FEMA’s 2018 PDM program, which has set asides for several specific mitigation activities including: mitigation projects, Advance Assistance, resilient infrastructure projects, new mitigation plan development, mitigation plan updates, and public awareness and education. Applicants can also apply a portion of the funding towards project administration and management costs. Learn more about the program here.

Need help with the application process? IBTS can assist local governments with identifying eligible project types, pre-application and full application development, and can further assist by utilizing FEMA’s Benefit Cost Analysis toolkit to show cost effectiveness for eligible projects. Once the grants are awarded, IBTS’s resilience and disaster management experts can also support subgrantees with grant management and administration.