Resilience Project Prioritization: The benefits of a structured approach

Faced with staff and funding shortages, small communities have few resources to spend on resilience planning and project implementation. Local leaders often have to make tough choices about which projects to fund and which to set aside. Yet deciding on which project to implement is easier said than done – resilience encompasses so many components… Read more

Planning for Volunteers and Donations: Don’t Let Good Intentions Go Awry

Although always a welcome sight initially, volunteers and donations in the aftermath of a natural disaster can quickly become an additional burden. A swath of untrained, “spontaneous” volunteers can quickly result in a chaotic situation, and localities can find themselves amidst a “second disaster” as truckloads of material pile up at unorganized donation sites. Amanda… Read more

Immediate Post-Disaster Recovery: The First Steps for Local Leaders

Whether you’ve never experienced a disaster, haven’t had one for decades, or have been impacted by one recently, the following checklist provides a basic overview of the first steps for local leaders to take in the days and weeks immediately following a disaster. As a local leader, you will be tasked with helping homeowners through… Read more

Experiences Gained: Understanding Substantial Damage Determinations

After a flood event, homeowners often struggle to understand the requirements and procedures of the , presenting unexpected challenges in an already dire situation. Homeowners must have a clear understanding of the intricate processes of the NFIP, particularly the concept of , to determine what actions will need to be taken throughout the recovery process.… Read more

17 Apps To Help You Get Through The Hurricane

As Hurricane Florence hits communities throughout the Carolina’s and across the region, National Public Radio (NPR) provides a list of useful mobile apps that citizens can download to stay updated, safe, and access the resources they need to ride out the storm and the weeks following. From weather updates to finding gasoline and shelter, the list… Read more

HUD Disaster Recovery Toolkit for Housing Counselors

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently released its Disaster Recovery Toolkit for Housing Counselors, an online guide to help organizations focused on housing counseling “prepare for and engage with local partners that receive funding following disasters.” The toolkit includes two guides, “Preparing for a Disaster” and “Operating Post Disaster,” that provide… Read more

IBTS Pre-event Service Agreements for Counties

After a natural disaster hits, finding the disaster recovery experts and specialists to assist your community throughout the response and recovery process can be a time-consuming, challenging task – given the surge in demand, vendors may not honor pre-existing contracts, can be difficult to find, and may not be specialized in disaster recovery. A crucial… Read more

Managing Disasters at the County Level: A Focus on Technology

In order to remain healthy, vibrant, safe and economically competitive, America’s counties must be able to anticipate and adapt to a myriad of changing physical, environmental, social and economic conditions. New and emerging technologies can be particularly critical for counties as they develop plans and programs to increase their resilience to unforeseen shocks. In a world increasingly driven by… Read more

Dealing with Disaster: Job Order Contracting for Emergency Response Projects

Disaster can strike out of nowhere. Tornadoes touch down with little warning. Earthquakes do not announce themselves before they rumble underfoot. Days of pounding, persistent rain create overwhelming floods. These emergencies are only weather events—large vehicle crashes and other man-made crises can happen in a split-second. To make matters worse, a delayed or deferred response… Read more

Presentation: Mastering the Media and Communications

Effectively communicating and clearly expressing the reasons for a tough decision using all available communications channels is essential for counties and local leaders. This workshop helps county leaders learn how to develop and deliver key elements of your message and leverage all mediums for maximum impact. Although the content of the workshop is not specific… Read more